About UpStart

UpStart is a co-working and meeting space for individuals and groups to work collaboratively on projects and enterprises that build our community and local economy.
It is the regular workspace for a number of individual start-up and home based businesses.
Our ethics mean we support small-scale local social enterprises first and we seek to minimise our impact on the environment in all we do.
UpStart has also become a venue of choice for meetings, workshops and events that connect and up-skill our customers.
Further to providing a home to a number of small scale individual entrepreneurs, UpStart is proud to have supported a number of larger projects including the work that is currently being undertaken to strengthen our local food system, innovative disability employment enterprises, the Australian Advocacy and Politics Summer School, regional entrepreneurship workshops, the Monash University MBA’s on tour program and the La Trobe University Accelerator program.
Avoid the distraction and procrastination that comes with working from home. Contact us today about becoming an UpStart.
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